Samir Thukral

About us

The Indian sugar industry is a key driver of rural development, supporting India's economic growth, Samir Thukral has been supporting over 50 thousand farmers and their families, along with workers and entrepreneurs of almost 50 mills, apart from a host of wholesalers and distributors he work is spread across the country. The industry is at a cross roads today, where it can leverage opportunities created by global shifts in sugar trade as well as the emergence of sugarcane as a source of renewable energy.

Samir Thukral an Indian Entrepreneur and Founder of Asia Sugar Industries is a prominent name in Sugar Industry. Indian sugar industry is a critical industry, as on one hand it services the domestic market, the largest in the world and on the other hand, it supports 50 million farmers and their families. It is the second largest agro based industry in India, Samir Thukral has successfully contributed to the rural economy through his sugar industries.

Samir Thukral has also been into trade related to different commodities such as JUTE, RUBBER, COCA BEANS along with his well flourished sugar business. Through his innovative ideas and initiatives, all the businesses has ensured that the wheels of progress moves at rapid pace and the fruits of development reaches to the people working for it. Samir Thukral has been providing a boost to our skilled youth by working for corporate programmes at youthreach started by him in 1997. Samir Thukral has proved this saying “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” His successful story makes us believe this saying.

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